Comprehensive Protection
for Your Organization’s Infrastructur

Security solutions to the threats of today & tomorrow

DataSec, from SQLINK Group
Our Expertise, Fully Adapted to Your Business!

We deliver a complete variety of information security services 24/7, customized to meet your organization’s needs and overcome both current and future threats

Our team comprises experienced IT security managers and CISO as a Service providers, risk assessment and penetrating testing consultants, standard and regulatory compliance professionals, consultants for IT and cyber security campaigns (including those for employee awareness), and MSSP supply chain specialists.

Selected Clients

SQLINK Group is the largest private IT group in Israel

The Group delivers a wide spectrum of state-of-the-art services for modern market demands in the worlds of: software development, cyber and information security, BI and big data, web and digital, software testing and automation, project management and complex integration processes, offshore consulting, and board management solutions.

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